Safety is top priority at MRSS, and our vehicles reflect it.

By continually gathering information from experts and field operators which we incorporate into our designs, our vans offer some of the best safety features in the industry. We are not willing to compromise, and continue to look for ways to modify and improve our already innovative designs to ensure maximum security for our customers.


  • Safety-sealed plexiglass divider not only ensures any hazardous fumes in the cargo area are kept away from the driver, but is also ergonomically designed to allow for greater driver seat adjustment, and provides improved visibility.

  • Cargo area venting to prevent accumulation of hazardous fumes.

  • Metal sealed box, vented directly to the van exterior, stores gasoline containers and prevents fume buildup into cargo area.

  • 8 strobes positioned on all sides of the van enhance vehicle visibility to other drivers

  • Back-up camera and back-up alarm

  • Front and rear disc brakes

  • Access to product and equipment is available from all three sides of the vehicle. You choose the safest side.

  • First aid kit and fire extinguishers included.

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