MRSS’s proprietary products are the result of collaboration between our sales team, our customers, and our designers. We encouraged input from ERS operators and incorporated much of their feedback into our designs, modifying and fine-tuning until we produced one of the safest, most efficient, user-friendly lines of service vehicles in the U.S.

Operator safety is our #1 priority.  We are not willing to compromise, and continue to look for ways to modify and improve our already innovative designs to ensure maximum security for our customers.

Some standard safety features include:

  • Safety-sealed plexiglass divider not only ensures any hazardous fumes in the cargo area are kept away from the driver, but is also ergonomically designed to allow for greater driver seat adjustment, and provides improved visibility.
  • Cargo area venting to prevent accumulation of hazardous fumes.
  • 8 strobes positioned on all sides of the van enhance vehicle’s visibility to other drivers
  • Back-up camera and back-up alarm
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Access to tools and equipment is available from any side of the vehicle.
  • First aid kit and fire extinguishers included.

2019 models include pre-collision and pedestrian detection system, front & side airbags, curve control, & tire pressure monitoring system.

Spotlight on Safety:  Watch the Video Below

Ranger Safety Partition: A Standard Feature

This tough polycarbonate contoured partition not only provides maximum visibility and allows for greater driver comfort, but is also sealed to prevent cargo fumes from migrating into the cabin. It is standard in all our vehicles.

Product Line

Standard (Model RSV1)

  • Basic entry level ERS light service van
  • Configured for light service and basic battery service

Premium (Model RSV2)

  • Deluxe design with enhanced functionality and added storage and equipment
  • Configured for light service and expanded battery sales and service

Premium EV (Model RSV3)

  • Modified deluxe design to serve electric vehicles (as well as traditional vehicle)
  • Configured for spare tires, vehicle charger and other specialized equipment/service

Auto Club (Model RSV4)

  • Deluxe design plus additional safety, convenience and other features

Auto Club PLUS (Model RSV5)

  • Configured for ERS light service with 2nd row passenger seating for 2-3 passengers

Custom Van (RSV9)

Designation for custom configuration for a range of ERS light service vans.

To meet the full range and changing future needs of road service providers, MRSS also has several new products at the research and development stage, including:

  • Added option of all wheel drive (AWD) Transits for all MRSS models.
  • Electric or hybrid powered van for the growing electric vehicle manufacturing sector which desires electric powered ERS vehicles to serve their electric vehicle customers
  • Added 4×4 option for ERS providers in mountainous or harsh winter weather areas.

Serving the mobile roadside service community with a commitment to safety, innovation, and quality.

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